How to Unhide Apps in Redmi?

how to unhide apps in redmi

Unhiding Apps in Redmi: A Simple Guide

To unhide apps on your Redmi smartphone, follow these steps:

1. Access Settings:

  • Open the “Settings” on your Redmi device.

2. App Lock & Privacy:

  • Look for the “App Lock” or “App Lock & Privacy” option.

3. Enter Password:

  • Enter your app lock password or unlock pattern to proceed.

4. App List:

  • You’ll see a list of apps with lock icons. These are the hidden apps.

5. Select Apps to Unhide:

  • Tap on the apps you want to unhide to remove the lock icon.

6. Confirm Action:

  • Confirm your action to unhide the selected apps.

7. Apps Unhidden:

  • The selected apps will no longer be hidden and will appear on your home screen and app drawer.


  • The steps may slightly vary depending on the MIUI version of your Redmi device.

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