How to Style White Kurti?

how to style white kurti

Styling Tips for a White Kurti

A white kurti is a versatile piece that can be styled in various ways. Here are some creative ideas to make your white kurti stand out:

1. Vibrant Bottoms:

  • Pair your white kurti with vibrant bottoms like colorful leggings, palazzos, or skirts for a lively and contrasting look.

2. Statement Accessories:

  • Add a pop of color with statement accessories such as chunky earrings, colorful bangles, or a vibrant dupatta.

3. Printed Dupatta:

  • Enhance the elegance of your white kurti by draping a printed or embroidered dupatta with intricate designs.

4. Layering:

  • Layer your white kurti with a long jacket, shrug, or a denim/leather jacket to create a stylish and contemporary outfit.

5. Embellishments:

  • Embellish your white kurti with embroidered patches, sequins, or mirror work to give it a touch of glamour.

6. Ethnic Bottoms:

  • Pair your white kurti with traditional bottoms like churidar pants, dhoti pants, or shararas for a classic ethnic look.

7. Contrast Colored Scarf:

  • Tie a vibrant, contrasting colored scarf around your neck or drape it on one shoulder to add a chic twist to your white kurti.

8. Fusion Styling:

  • Experiment with fusion styling by pairing your white kurti with jeans, culottes, or shorts for a contemporary and trendy look.

Remember, personal style is subjective, so feel free to mix and match these ideas to create a unique and personalized look with your white kurti.

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