How to Project Mobile Screen on Wall without Projector?

how to project mobile screen on wall without projector

Projecting Mobile Screen on Wall without a Projector: A Creative Solution

Is it possible to project your mobile screen on a wall without a projector? Surprisingly, yes! Follow these steps to do it:

1. Get a Magnifying Glass:

  • Purchase a magnifying glass with a large convex lens.

2. Position Your Mobile Device:

  • Place your mobile device on a stable platform facing downwards.

3. Adjust the Distance:

  • Hold the magnifying glass at a certain distance from the screen until you see a clear and enlarged image.

4. Fine-tune the Focus:

  • Move the magnifying glass back and forth to find the best focus.

5. Darken the Room:

  • Ensure the room is dimly lit or dark for better visibility.

6. Enjoy the Big Screen Experience:

  • Voilà! Now you can enjoy your mobile screen projected on the wall.

Please note that the image quality might not be as sharp as a traditional projector, but it’s a fun DIY method to try.

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