How to Make Proforma Invoice in Tally?

how to make proforma invoice in tally

Creating a Proforma Invoice in Tally: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to make a proforma invoice in Tally:

1. Open Tally

  • Launch Tally software on your computer and log in to your company account.

2. Go to Gateway of Tally

  • Access the “Gateway of Tally” screen, where you’ll find various accounting options.

3. Select Vouchers

  • Click on “Accounting Vouchers” from the list of options.

4. Choose Sales

  • Select “Sales” from the voucher types.

5. Enable Proforma Invoice

  • Enable the “Proforma Invoice” option in the sales voucher screen.

6. Fill in Details

  • Enter the necessary details like customer information, product description, quantities, rates, and other relevant data.

7. Save and Print

  • After completing the details, save the proforma invoice, and you can print it for reference.

Remember, a proforma invoice is not a legally binding document and is used for pre-invoicing or quoting purposes.

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