How to Make 18 Steps for Ayyappa?

How to Make 18 Steps for Ayyappa?

How to Climb the 18 Holy Steps of Ayyappa Temple

1. Dress Code:

  • Wear traditional attire and observe the temple’s dress code guidelines.

2. Observe Fasting:

  • Follow the fasting rules before climbing the steps as a mark of devotion.

3. Seek Blessings:

  • Take blessings from the temple priests before starting the ascent.

4. Remove Footwear:

  • Remove your footwear before beginning the climb.

5. Start Early:

  • Begin the climb early in the morning to avoid the crowd and heat.

6. Chant Mantras:

  • Recite Ayyappa mantras or bhajans during the climb.

7. Hydration:

  • Carry water to stay hydrated during the ascent.

8. Rest Stops:

  • Utilize the resting spots provided on the way to catch your breath.

9. Avoid Rush:

  • Climb steadily and avoid rushing to maintain safety.

10. Respect Others:

  • Show respect to fellow devotees and maintain decorum.

11. Follow Instructions:

  • Abide by the temple authorities’ instructions and guidelines.

12. Meditate:

  • Take a moment to meditate and connect spiritually.

13. Offer Prayers:

  • Perform pooja and offer prayers at the temple’s midway point.

14. Continue the Climb:

  • Resume the climb with renewed devotion and energy.

15. Thank Ayyappa:

  • Express gratitude to Lord Ayyappa for guidance and strength.

16. Reach the Sanctum:

  • Finally, reach the sanctum sanctorum with reverence.

17. Seek Blessings:

  • Seek the blessings of the deity and immerse yourself in the divine aura.

18. Descend with Gratitude:

  • Descend the steps with a sense of fulfillment and thankfulness.

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