How to Identify Original Shakha Pola?

how to identify original shakha pola

Identifying Authentic Shakha Pola: Unveiling the True Essence

What is Shakha Pola? Shakha Pola is a significant symbol of marital bliss and cultural heritage for Bengali women. To ensure you have an original piece, follow these guidelines:

1. Material:

  • Look for pure conch shell (shankha) and coral (pola) materials.
  • Genuine shankha should have a smooth surface with natural variations.
  • Pola should be made of genuine red coral, displaying its distinctive color and texture.

2. Craftsmanship:

  • Examine the craftsmanship closely.
  • Authentic Shakha Pola is typically handcrafted by skilled artisans.
  • Check for intricate detailing and precision in the design.

3. Color and Finish:

  • Original Shakha Pola has a bright white color for shankha and vibrant red for pola.
  • The surface should be polished and lustrous, showcasing the natural beauty of the materials.

4. Weight and Texture:

  • Genuine Shakha Pola feels substantial when held.
  • It should have a smooth and comfortable texture when worn.

5. Trustworthy Sellers:

  • Purchase from reputed sellers or trusted jewelry stores.
  • Research and read customer reviews to ensure authenticity.

Remember, Shakha Pola holds immense cultural and emotional value. Pay attention to details and source your jewelry from reliable sources to cherish its authenticity and significance.

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