How To Get FIR Copy Online?

how to get fir copy online

How to Get FIR Copy Online: Guide

. Visit the Official Police Website:

  • Go to the official website of the police department in the area where the FIR was filed.

2. Find the FIR Copy Request Section:

  • Look for a section or link related to “FIR Copy” or “Public Services” on the website.

3. Fill the FIR Copy Request Form:

  • Click on the appropriate link and fill out the FIR copy request form.
  • Provide necessary details like FIR number, date of filing, complainant’s name, etc.

4. Upload Required Documents:

  • Some websites may ask you to upload identification documents for verification.

5. Submit the Request:

  • Review the information provided and submit the request.

6. Pay the Fee (If Applicable):

  • In some cases, a nominal fee may be required to obtain the FIR copy.

7. Receive the FIR Copy:

  • Once the request is processed, you will receive the FIR copy online.

To get the FIR copy online, visit the official police website and follow the instructions to submit your request.

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