How to Calculate Lagna Manually?

How to Calculate Lagna Manually

How to Calculate Lagna Manually: Step-by-Step Guide

Calculating the Lagna, also known as the Ascendant, manually involves several steps. Here’s a guide to help you calculate it:

  1. Determine Your Birth Time: Obtain your accurate birth time from reliable sources such as birth certificates or records. The Lagna calculation requires the exact time of birth.
  2. Convert Birth Time to GMT: Convert your birth time to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) if it is given in a different time zone. Use appropriate conversion methods or online tools for accuracy.
  3. Determine the Sidereal Time: Calculate the Sidereal Time at the birthplace using formulas or online calculators. Sidereal Time represents the Earth’s rotation relative to distant stars.
  4. Calculate the Lagna Degree: Use the Sidereal Time to calculate the Lagna degree. It involves complex calculations based on the birthplace, birth date, and time. Refer to Vedic astrology resources or consult an astrologer for assistance.
  5. Find the Lagna Sign: Based on the Lagna degree, determine the corresponding zodiac sign. Each sign spans 30 degrees of the celestial circle, starting from Aries.
  6. Consider Adjustments: Make any necessary adjustments for daylight saving time, geographical longitude, or other factors that may affect the Lagna calculation accuracy.

Remember that calculating the Lagna manually requires a good understanding of astrology principles and mathematical calculations. It is recommended to seek guidance from an experienced astrologer for precise results.

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